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Introduction of Head Teacher

We encourage our pupils to respect adults and one another. Teachers want pupils to have, and develop, a respect for each other and for property; to be sensitive to those less fortunate then themselves; to be caring and giving.

Background about school

  1. An address: 624156, Sverdlovsk region, Kirovgrad, Leviha, 1 Maxim Gorky Street.
  2. Founded - 1936
  3. The first issue - 9 pupils in 1937.
  4. Teachers staff - 24.
  5. 13 Grades.
  6. 196 pupils study at school.
  7. 34 students were awarded gold and silver medals.
  8. The basic principle: "By educating, to educate."
  9. Professional credo of teachers: "Every child is a personality. Every child is unique. Every child is talented".

Our golden rules

  • Listen to people;
  • Be honest;
  • Work hard;
  • Be kind and helpful;
  • Be gentle.

School aims

  • to provide a balanced curriculum which recognises the difference in aptitude and ability in each child.
  • to promote quality and depth of experience.
  • to make learning experiences coherent and relevant to children.
  • to motivate and enthuse children in their learning experiences.
  • to provide a spiritual and moral education rich in values and reflection.
  • to encourage imagination, inspiration and reflection.
  • to create a caring ethos with the child at its centre.


The history of our school is inseparably linked with the history of our settlement. The mining of ore deposits started in 1930-31. The workers with their families settled here.

In 1931 a wooden school building was built. There were only 17 students. The first teacher was Evdokiya Naumovna Svinkina. At the same time the first Pioneer unit was created in Leviha. In 1936 the second floor of school building was added. At the same time the construction of two-storied brick building with twelve classrooms and a gym began and already in 1937-38 school № 17 was fully staffed from the first to the tenth grade. In 1937 9 pupils finished school. The first director of our school was Ivan Vasilyevich Nifontov. In 1941 he went to the front and Zoya Alekseevna Savchenko became the head teacher. Thanks to the talented and enthusiastic director, the school immediately took a leading place among the city's schools. At the end of the 40th and early 50th. D.N. Oborin was the headmaster. Pupils were included in the investigation of native land, for which the director received the Diploma of the Central Committee of Komsomol. In 1963-84 Alexander Mishin was the headmaster. Under his leadership a new school building was built. Since 1984 till 1988 Tatiana Dmitrieva was the school director. From 1988, the school director is Tatyana Nikolaevna Kabanova. Tatiana Nikolaevna has done much to organize the school as a separate, independent management system. In 2002 she was awarded “The Honoured Teacher of Russian Federation”.

School today

Our school has a long tradition of excellence and, with its broad-based curriculum, is designed to educate the children not only academically, but also socially and morally. Teachers encourage early independence, a curiosity for knowledge and a healthy sense of competition in order to prepare children for the changing world.

To date, school № 17 is one of the most creative schools of our district. We have the following academic and sport facilities: well-equipped classrooms, computer lab, library, art room, gymnasium, football stadium, playgrounds. Children can only reach their full potential if they are in a safe and supportive environment. Teachers exercise the technology of modular training. Children like individualization and self-control. They have the opportunity to fulfill their potential that increases the motivation of learning. It provides a systematic exercise and promotes the development of knowledge as a basis for development of pupils. There is a student council at school. It consists of monitors’ department, education committee, leisure department and labour commission. Our school is a lively and thriving community of adults and pupils, working together to create school rich in activity, learning and caring. We are proud of our school, its achievements and its special, friendly atmosphere!

Extracurricular activities

Our school offers a wide range of opportunities for students to participate in all- Russia competitions such as “Kangaroo”, “Russian Teddy-Bear” and others.

Intellectual games and marathons are held every year. Those pupils who go in for sports can take part in basketball and football matches, athletic competitions and sport events. Teachers, students and their parents enjoy such competitions as “Gay Starts”, “Dad, Mom and me – a sport family”, hiking and trips along the Urals. There are annual contests: “The Teacher of the Year”, “The Grade of the Year”, “The Pupil of the Year”. The most popular family events are “Valentine’s Disco”, “Christmas Party” and “Mother’s Day”. We do much of voluntary work, help elderly people and organize the action “A Veteran lives next door”. Participants in most extra-curricular activities achieve better educational outcomes than non-participants. Pupils who participate in service activities predict lower rates of drinking and drug use.